PIERRE ALIVON 苏善书 艺术家,摄影师,雕塑家和国际艺术策展人 Artist, Photographer, Sculptor and International Art Curator

Pierre Alivon 苏善书 is French and photographer, sculptor and art curator in China. Pierre makes a new adventure of each exhibition that transports you into asserted universes, while establishing a bridge between his / our French sensibility and contemporary Chinese culture. For more than 7 years, his curious eye and his taste for novelty have led him search for young Chinese artists who are now exposed by others in the profession. For his selections, he will first privilege the strength, the character, the affirmation of a point of view in the work and the encounter with the artist: he always visits the studios at the source of the artistic energy because what animates him above all is the raw reality. His energy, his resourcefulness and his relational ease make him a privileged interlocutor of the artists who see him as a professional, an accompanist and a friend. The staging of works in the exhibition space is then a game of balance and shock to create a pleasant emotion or not. Who knows, as long as there is a plot!

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