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A life dedicated to the Crown.

"And when peace comes, remember it will be for us, the children of today, to make the world of tomorrow a better and happier place”. A sentence pronounced in 1940, during the Second World War, by Elizabeth on the occasion ,of her first public address to Commonwealth children. “It was the sentence spoken, by this young teenager who was to become queen ,by the unexpected abdication ,of her uncle that inspired me,” explains French artist Pierre Alivon. “These are the few words that inspired me ,to create a sculpture reflecting the dignity ,and courage necessary to live together in a world of peace, a recurring theme of my creations.”

Like Alice in Wonderland.

Elizabeth’s teenage life has turned into a fairy tale, crushed by the weight ,of the crown of England. Thrown in a chair disproportionate to her size, as was Alice, Elizabeth II had to adapt to her new position. This richly decorated armchair bears the coat of arms of royalty and rests on lion paws embodying the power of monarchy. The coat of arms “Dieu et mon droit”. is a reminder of the direct sovereignty of Elizabeth II: like all the Kings and Queens of England, Elizabeth II is the vassal of no other, except God. This sentence, written in French and the motto “Honni soit qui mal y pense”, also underlines the common heritage of France and England.

A sculpture of stainless steel and jade.

This sculpture combines two materials: stainless steel ,for the armchair, which highlights the immutable history and the unshakeable power of the monarchy, and a fragile white jade to represent Elizabeth II ,and her dog, to highlight the fragility ,and innocence of this young girl who will no longer have ,to show her feelings to others, and will have ,to respect the protocol and display the imperturbable face of Future Queen.

It’s no secret that Elizabeth II loved animals, especially horses and dogs. It was inconceivable not to represent her accompanied by one ,of her numerous corgis whose breed has almost become a symbol of the British family. She sits next to a dog sleeping against her, who seems to help her fill this chair still too big for her.

Faced with this sculpture, the viewer can lend young Elizabeth several emotions: fatigue facing the load ,which is coming on her, symbolized ,by this voluminous ,and heavy crown, the dream about the fate that opens to her, and to which seems to carry her to the back ,of the armchair, or sadness for all that , she must sacrifice to the crown, whose coat of arms reminds her the rights and duties. So many emotions that had to go through her, in front of the challenges ,and uncertainties ,of her future life.

Figure of collective memory

Elizabeth II is now part of the collective memory, far beyond the borders ,of the Commonwealth. Should we see this as a sign of the global footprint left by Elizabeth II? This sculpture has a certain internationalism since it was born in China, in the imagination ,of a French artist who resides there and works for several years ,and who has worked in collaboration ,with Chinese art craftsmen to produce it. “This collaboration is for me a universal symbol of friendship through art.”

Sculpture 2022 d'Elizabeth II en Jade Blanc et acier Inoxydable en mémoire de son cœur d'enfant Elizabeth II's 2022 Sculpture in White Jade and Stainless Steel in memory of his child's heart